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Mikalya is simply amazing! Her sound baths and reiki sessions have been truly life changing. She is very intune! She has different modalities in holistic health. She has done blessings and clearings for my studio and family. She is someone I trust and provides a sacred space.

Jessica M.

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Mikayla is a magical healer. Enlightened Healing Hands feels a bit like heaven when you walk in. I was a little hesitant to try a Reiki session. After my first session I felt an overwhelming sense of love and peace. I journeyed to a place in the universe within myself that I had never been to. A place of infinite possibility and love. Mikayla's sessions released so much for me that I could not deny the powerful healing and insights itmanifested.

Mikayla is a very powerful soul and one of the few I trust. She is in tune with the universe and knows exactly what you need even when you might not know yourself. She has a way of guiding with pure love and light through her divine guidance and intuition. Such healing can only come from a place that has already been through dark, and healed itself. Mikayla has a strength but also a gentleness about her. After everything she has overcome, she is committed to her calling with the most enthusiastic, loving, positive energy!

I cannot recommend Mikayla enough, when you are ready you will make your way here.

Stephanie B.

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Mikayla is simply amazing! I had never been to a business like hers and was a bit nervous. She made me feel comfortable the moment I walked in by showing me around and then explaining to me exactly what she would be doing, what I might experience during the session and what her response would be to anything I experienced. She anticipated my physical needs and completed the Reiki and Aura Setting Session calmly and with great expertise. Being hard-of-hearing, I did not hear many of her words, but the feelings of calm and healing were definitely present.
Mikayla's calm and loving attitude permeates her practice. She easily earns ones trust and always "sees what is needed" -- and then expertly provides it.
As I have returned for additional sessions with Mikayla, and truly begun trusting her, her knowledge, her insights and instincts, and her skills the depth of my experience has increased. I look forward to the visits -- for the peace and healing they bring as well as they new things I always learn about myself.

Margo S.

White Flowers

MiKayla is the kind of person you meet and feel immediately like you’ve known her for years. She is so kind and endearing. I am incredibly choosy as to whom I share my business name; and I am so proud to recommend her to clients, friends and family. She was born to heal. She sure has changed my life all for the better. If you’ve experienced Reiki and/or Sound Bath and it wasn’t life altering; I highly recommend MiKayla. Proud to call her my new friend and claim her as a sister. ❤️

A Beautiful Surprize

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MK is amazing! She is talented and experienced. Every time I have a session with her I leave feeling even more positive than before coming in. Her jewelry that she makes is beautiful! She is very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. You will not be disappointed! Go and schedule a session with her! Try out the Ion Foot Detox with your healing session!

Alanna L.

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