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Who I Am and What I Do

My Journey

Born of Chinese ancestry, I had been raised with strong background in holistic healing, homeopathic remedies and alternative therapies brought by my ancestors and parents.  At a young age, I was always very intuitive, my fascination with my heritage to stay strong, honor and respect my elders teaching has allow me to evolved to the person that I am.  Today, I can truly say that my life has been a journey on its own.

I come from a strong lineage of Healers whom have show me the way through practice and guided spirit. It has been such a privilege to become a Reiki Master Healer & Educator, level II Celtic Shaman and Certified Sound Healing Practioner. I have been able to harness the magical healing powers of the universal light and love.  I am constantly evolving and learning new healing techniques.

By using a combination of healing modalities such as chakra balancing, sound bowl healing, ASMR therapy, chakra tuning forks, and aura cleansing, I am able to assist clients in restoring balance, harmony, stress relief and wellness.

My clairvoyant ability allows me to assist one to find deeper connection to their higher guide or spiritual guide and helps individuals manifest the life they wish to create.  My powerful healing techniques and intuition provide clients with accelerated healing and clarity of life. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your healing journey.   Namaste!